Saturday, March 14, 2009

rookers and poobles

the seeker's a liar
let the season tight- lip my feeble belief
ice will undergo my spring Extravaganzas
tu est un bibliophile, mon phile
brutish researchers choose family pieces and glue them together
i earn my nailpolish
uber-cool salad12

rockers and peebles

tag kids / former pronouns:
re-sign my bone-marrow
pleasant 15.
and then pete 4.
used aunts against virtual 14.
actress 24. with dusty wig on
morose pondering abusive
in Crisis
she pastes facts, commits&
visits fizzled people and wastes no illness26.
my nerves are bold tonight

pebbbles and rocks...rebbles and pocks

paranormal lingerie...strange yoghourt...messy barometer...